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Gillian Cheam

Who I Am

My name is Gillian Cheam. I am a proud Métis owner and operator of Inner Goddess. I am an Energy Healer certified in Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing, Theta Healing and Spiritual Coaching.  Inner Goddess offers treatments in a relaxing and peaceful environment.

Prior to working in the health and wellness field, I was a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker. I left the insurance field to become a stay at home mom. I was introduced to Reiki when I was faced with a traumatic life change. Through Reiki, I was able to discover the tools I needed to bring myself peace and happiness. I immediately felt a stronger connection to Source and I wanted to help others and kept diving into other holistic healing modalities. I wasn’t anticipating beginning a spiritual wellness-based practice but I found my calling and followed it. 

I have been trained in Mediumship.  Although I do not offer it as a service, it is quite common for spirit of a loved one to show up during the services I do offer.  If this is a concept you are not comfortable with, I respect that and it will not be a part of your experience.

I offer my clients a space to find relaxation, serenity, new-found insights and healing. I encourage my clients so they can become more confident in their life and offer ways in which they can bring peace, relaxation, self-love, and connection to their Higher Self.

Peace and happiness can only be found within one’s self. My goal is to unblock and open my client’s energy centers, help them break through their blockages and help them manifest the life they desire. A majority of the time, the blockages are a result of negative core beliefs and their perception of themselves, others and situations. In the words of Buddha, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

For appointments, please email or text 204-941-9641.


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